BRS Giving Back

New Recycling Program at Meritage Collection Saving Lives

Meritage Collection is partnering with Clean the World to help fight the spread of preventable diseases. Our properties send gently-used toiletries to the non-profit organization’s recycling centers where they are sanitized and then distributed to children and families in need around the world. Meritage Collection will divert an estimated 4.5 tons of waste through this program.


Donation Request Submissions

We appreciate your interest in Bacara Resort & Spa. Please complete the form below and either Bacara or our partner, Winspire, will contact you if a donation is possible. While Bacara is not able to donate to every organization, we are pleased to offer discounted rates should you wish to purchase a certificate that can be auctioned off at a higher price. Winspire will contact you with additional information about this opportunity. Thank you, again.