FLAVOR! Napa Valley–A ‘Must’ Event for Wine Lovers

Flavor! Napa Valley–A ‘Must’ Event for Wine Lovers

The 2016 Flavor! Napa Valley event, benefitting The Culinary Institute of America, takes place March 16–20 during Cabernet Season, featuring 40 events filled with world-class wine, farm-to-table cuisine and star talent.



“This event is a must for wine lovers because it oozes Napa,” says Asa Christensen, director of catering and conference services at The Meritage Resort and Spa.

In addition to a special offer for those staying at The Meritage Resort and Spa, the resort is participating in a number of Flavor! Napa Valley events, including “Legendary Napa Valley, The Grand Tasting” at The Culinary Institute of America March 19, an epicurean adventure showcasing a collection of the area’s most innovative chefs and vintners. Nearly 80 wineries and 25 of the best restaurants will be represented, including The Meritage Resort and Spa.

The resort is also hosting “Bubbly Sensations: Exploring the Top Sparkling Wines of Napa Valley” on March 20. The event features top sparkling wines of the valley, and attendees will learn where the grapes are grown and how the winemakers create the levels of flavor and complexity.

Immediately following is a brunch party titled “Meet Your Maker: The Butcher, The Baker, and the Sparkling Winemaker,” where guests can engage with ‘makers’ and learn to cure bacon, bake and build brunch while imbibing in sparkling wines and Bloody Mary’s.

“Our brunch will feature local products with a farm-to-table mentality, as well as bubbles from around the area,” Christensen says. “We will have chef and wine demonstrations with a marketplace atmosphere.”

To learn more about the Flavor! Napa Valley event, visit FlavorNapaValley.com.

Christensen says the event is a perfect fit for The Meritage Resort and Spa: “This event encompasses both a love for food and wine in a beautiful setting, which is what The Meritage is all about.”