A Taste Sensation for the Season: Waterline’s New Fall Menu

A Taste Sensation: Waterline’s New Fall Menu

Each season Executive Chef Rachel Haggstrom refreshes the menu with elements that capture the best of the season.

The Balboa Bay Resort’s refined waterfront restaurant Waterline features “water-to-table” cuisine—with fresh, locally sourced inspiration. Each season Executive Chef Rachel Haggstrom refreshes the menu with appetizers, entrees and desserts that capture the best of the season.

“For me fall is all about warmth and comfort—heavier foods that will keep the body and soul warm and soothed,” Haggstrom says. “It’s a time of the year for heavier flavors, spices, red wines and nostalgic flavors. Heavier foods are a little contrary to Waterline in essence, since it is a seafood focused restaurant, but I think this menu has balance, as many of the meat dishes are not too heavy.” There is something to brighten each dish up, she says, and the seafood dishes are “still light but maintain a depth of flavor and comfort that one longs for in winter.”

What can diners expect this fall? Haggstrom shares details on a few her favorite new fall dishes.

Appetizer: “The ahi tuna sashimi will be paired with avocado and blood orange. The fresh tuna is going to go so well with the fall fruit. The avocado is creamy and rich, and the blood orange is a little sweet and tart. I love avocados and citrus, both together and separate—you can do so much with them!”

Local Halibut BLT features grilled local halibut, bacon, arugula, avocado, heirloom tomato, lemon aioli, layered with lavosh.

Entrées: “The duck confit is creamy on the inside but has a crispy outer skin. It’s paired with black rice, which is a little sweet and hearty. While the confit is hearty and warming, it is lightened up by the tart cherry sauce and the bright fennel condiment and fresh frisee salad.

“On the seafood side, we have a seared tuna with Chinese broccoli, shitake mushrooms, a shiso compote and buckwheat soba noodles tossed in a dashi. This dish is very light but still has a lot of depth of flavor and a warm broth to make it comforting. It is in line with the seafood and light focus of Waterline, and it will also go well with a light red wine.

“I’m also excited for the John Dory because even though we are using very fall vegetables, it is still a very delicate dish respecting the nature of the fish and Waterline’s concept. The Dory is lightly poached in white wine, butter and a fish fumet that makes a beautiful delicate sauce. It is served with an oyster tartar and cauliflower puree and crispy salsify and shaved truffles. All of the flavors go well together and are delicate.”

Waterline, with its nautical-inspired design, is a refined waterfront restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Desserts: “For dessert we are playing with a lot of fall fruits and spices that you see around the holidays. Two examples are the chocolate praline tart with cassis (black currents) and hazelnuts. We also have a spiced (ginger, nutmeg and cloves) cheesecake that has a gingersnap crust and pecans and candied persimmons.

“The citrus pavlova is going to be a fun, bright dessert. While very fall because of the fall citrus, it is full of textures and is delicate and light, which again suits Waterline’s concept. The crispy pavlova (meringue) will be accompanied by a satsuma (tangerine) mousse and orange curd. It will be decorated with candied bergamot.”

To learn more or make a reservation, visit the Waterline webpage, or call 949-645-5000.