TMR Giving Back

New Recycling Program at Meritage Collection Saving Lives

Meritage Collection is partnering with Clean the World to help fight the spread of preventable diseases. Our properties send gently-used toiletries to the non-profit organization’s recycling centers where they are sanitized and then distributed to children and families in need around the world. Meritage Collection will divert an estimated 4.5 tons of waste through this program.



Donation Requests

We appreciate your interest in The Meritage Resort and Spa. It is our pleasure to provide opportunities to feature our resort at your fundraising event.

All of our donation requests are handled through DonationMatch. Please set up an account and use referral code “Meritage.”

Once your account is verified you will be invited to submit your event and request a donation. Simply add your event information (in the “To Do” section), then you can find The Meritage Resort and other potential donors in the “Find Donations” section.

Create Account Here

We receive a high volume of requests, and although we review each carefully, we cannot fulfill all of them directly. Knowing this, we have partnered with DonationMatch and Winspire who are able to offer discounted Napa Valley packages that include a stay at The Meritage Resort for your fundraising efforts. If The Meritage Resort is unable to fulfill your request directly, a representative from DonationMatch or Winspire may contact you to provide these options.

Please do not call to follow-up on your request as information will not be given over the phone.