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Revolutionary New Treatment

BIOEFFECT® Advanced EGF Skin Imprinting Facial Treatment

This is the first facial treatment of its kind to incorporate bio-identical cellular activators produced in a plant. BIOEFFECT® skin care products contain Nobel Prize winning EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which are a natural and important part of the communication network within our skin. The treatment’s objective is to deliver the EGF signal to target cells (known as “imprinting”) in the skin which are able improve the skin’s thickness, density, texture and firmness. Incorporating many traditional Icelandic elements & the clinically proven EGF technology, the treatment provides immediate results on the skin, and can be enhanced dramatically by using BIOEFFECT® products.

Aarna Spa is only one of two spa's in Orange County to carry BIOEFFECT.

50-Minute Treatment & 100-Minute Treatment Available.

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